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a personal assistant for your health!

About DotFriday

A personal assistant for your health!

DotFriday is a software tool designed to help you save time and reduce the stress of managing a complex medical condition. DotFriday is web-based so you can access your account from any computer or handheld phone with a browser. DotFriday helps with some of the more difficult medical record-keeping and reminder tasks that so many people face today. However, DotFriday does not give medical advice and is not a substitute for your health care providers and your own dedication to your health.

Remembering medications, refills and appointments: improving medication adherence

Do you ever forget to take a dose of your medication? On the Today page, DotFriday tells you what you need to do today to follow your doctors’ orders. It reminds you to take your medications, refill your prescriptions and go to your appointments.

DotFriday reminders screenshot

Not only does DotFriday remind you when to take your medications, it keeps track of what medications you actually took, including any dose changes.

DotFriday Today screenshot
Inventory tracking (or what’s in your medicine cabinet?)
DotFriday Inventory screenshot

Have you ever opened a pill bottle only to realize that you only have 2 capsules left? Dot Friday tracks what’s in your medicine cabinet as you take your medications so you always know what you have on hand.

Keep track of your symptoms and side effects
DotFriday symptom tracker screenshot

Monitoring your health is important. DotFriday helps you track your symptoms and side-effects so that you can provide your doctor with more accurate information about your health.

DotFriday not feeling so good screenshot

When you click on “I’m not feeling so good”, DotFriday provides a list of your symptoms so that you can record them. When your doctor asks you how many headaches you had in the last month, you will have the information at your fingertips.

Improve communication with your healthcare providers

Has your doctor ever asked you how you were feeling 5 months ago? DotFriday can create easy-to-read reports to help you monitor your health and communicate with your doctors. These reports can list recent symptoms, current medications, medication histories and personal information, including allergies and insurance numbers. Print and bring reports to your appointments or show them to your doctors on your smartphone!

DotFriday report screenshot

Simple reports empower DotFriday’s users to take care of themselves. Furthermore, having more information enables doctors to prescribe the best medications for their patients and to reduce the number of medical errors that occur due to a lack of facts.

If you have any questions, please email us at Otherwise, use DotFriday regularly and help yourself stay well!

The DotFriday Team